Renyer's Pumpkin Farm

Meet Doug, Brenda & Clay

Doug Renyer

Doug Brenda entry barnDoug and Brenda Renyer

Doug grew up on a dairy farm just six miles north of the pumpkin farm. He is the 7th out of 13 children (6 boys and 7 girls). Doug and his siblings learned to work at a young age doing simple chores at first such as picking up toys and dusting the house. As soon as their feet could reach the brakes on the tractors, Doug's dad had the kids running tractors to prepare the soil for planting or to move hay to the barn.

The family farm grew milo (sorghum), beans, and kids; along with hay and silage to winter feed the Holsteins. Doug's dad didn't use chemicals to control weeds; instead, he relied on cultivation and all his kids who would spend three hours each morning during July and August pulling the weeds the cultivators missed. The first day of school could never come soon enough! It was a lot of work growing up Renyer, but the family members always had Sunday to do what they wanted. Doug remembers, "We did a lot of work, but we also had fun by arranging hay bales to make tunnels to play in."

Today, Doug works full time in Sabetha in addition to raising pumpkins and preparing the farm for each fall's pumpkin season

Brenda Renyer

Brenda grew up in Wellsville, KS (population 2000 SW of Olathe KS) and has two brothers. Brenda learned the art of crafting from her mother and found it relaxing as well as a source of part time income. During school, Brenda enjoyed all sports and earned a scholarship to play volleyball at Allen County and then Emporia State where she earned a degree in physical education. Her first teaching job was in Sabetha where she meet Doug. They married later that year in December of 1991. Clay was born a couple of years later.

After six years of teaching, Brenda pursued her dream to be a stay-at-home mom. Crafting became the family's second income as Brenda and the family displayed and sold crafts at local town fairs during the fall and winter months. Today, she sells her creations each fall at the gift shop on the pumpkin farm, as well as online and at craft shows. Brenda creates unique crafts using natural materials such as gourds along with "treasures" from flea markets. There are endless possibilities to recycle items and "go green."

Brenda is also licensed to use the K-State and KU symbols and can custom create a unique item just for you or a special person.


clay-renyerClay RenyerClay Renyer

Clay grew up with the pumpkin farm; he was six years old the first year Doug and Brenda planted pumpkins. He has become a very important part of the farm, from help planning new attractions and laying them out to all the daily maintenance--mowing, planting, painting, cleaning, feeding the animals, watering the mums, etc. Clay will also openly admit that he hates mums after so many summer months of watering them!

Clay graduated from high school in May of 2012 and is now in college.  We miss having him around during the year, he was a hugh help prepairing the farm.  If we're lucky, he may be helping some weekends in October.

2018 Season Hours


Oct. 6th - Oct. 21st

Saturday: 11 am - 6 pm
Sunday: 1 pm - 6 pm

Friday Hours by Appointment Only
(Groups of 15+)

Call (785) 866-5712 today!

Only $8.25

Kids under 2 years are free!

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